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CRP Recertification FAQs
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Q: How often do we need to recertify?
A: As with many certifications, the recertification window is three years from point of certification.

Q: At what time in the recertification process is the application and payment submitted?
A: You will submit the $150 at the time of recertification. After filling out the recertification points form, you will be redirected to a payment page.


Q: What other things besides the examples listed under Professional Activities and Professional Development would count for points?
A: The examples you see in the listings are simply suggestions and not intended to be all inclusive. If you have ideas or suggestions, please contact Jessica at

Q: When will I be able to enter my information?
A: The preferred method will be to complete the electronic form prior to your recertification deadline (see the first Q/A for timing). Click here for a link to the electronic form. As an alternative, there is a downloadable form, which can be accessed by clicking here. Many graduates have set up file folders on their PCs where they put a record of their activities, or you can download and print the form and keep track of your points that way.

Q: Why don't I need to submit specific information with the recertification form?
A: As is indicated at the bottom of the form, the information you are submitting is based on an honor system. In other words, we are taking your word at face value that you have completed the required activities as set out by the recertification form. With that said, in the event of questions, or by way of random audit, you may be asked to submit specific supporting detail.

Q: Once I submit my points and recertification payment, how will I be notified of the recertification?
A: You will be notified one month from the date of the bi-annual recertification deadlines. In other words, if you are due to recertify on June 1 of any given year, you will be notified by July 1. Similarly, you’d be notified by November 1 for the October 1 deadline.

Q: What if I miss the recertification deadline?
A: You will be able to submit your recertification points for consideration during the subsequent review period, but during this "limbo window,” you would need to wait for official recertification to be able to continue using the Certified Recognition Professional® (CRP) designation.

Q: Does it matter if a third-party consultant is involved with any of the activities?
A: In order to get "credit” for professional activity points, you should be directly involved with the activity. EXAMPLE 1: The resource provider writes questions, conducts focus groups, summarizes the findings and recommends program changes. This would NOT qualify for your points.

Q: Can recertification activities/ development be carried over to next year?
A: No, the way the point breakdowns have been set up, we think it’s important to have balanced activities and not to overload on any one point section.


Q: Why should I recertify anyway?
A: In addition to keeping "fresh” and on top of the profession, here are some additional benefits:

  • To continually raise the professional standards of those engaged in Employee Recognition
  • To encourage continuing education for professional development
  • To encourage self-development by offering guidelines for achievement in the field of Employee Recognition
  • To identify and award special recognition to those who have demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of those principles and practices of Employee Recognition and related disciplines

Q: How much does it cost to recertify?
A: $150.

Q: How can I justify the expense of recertifying?
A: You’ve already put in a lot of time and effort into getting your recertification, and when you spread the fee over three years, it’s a small price to pay for retaining this industry designation.

Credit Options

One credit = one hour of participation or two credits for one year of professional organization membership

10 credits maximum per year – 30 total credits needed over 3-year period to apply for recertification

Please note – these are SUGGESTIONS only!

  • Education (webinars, podcasts, eLearning class, reading articles)
  • Conference attendance (HR, engagement, recognition-related)
  • Presenting/facilitating (to employees, clients, organizations, students)
  • Writing (articles, blogs, proposals, brochures, newsletters)
  • Projects (event coordination, marketing activities, benchmarking, budgeting, employee surveys)
  • Programs (planning, design, development, management)
  • Leadership (mentoring, project team leader, committee chairperson)

By March 31, 2016, the goal would be to get those needing to recertify up-to-date.

Next Steps

Q: What if I have additional questions?
A: Please contact Jessica at

Q: How can I connect with others to get ideas on what they are doing?
A: Please check the website regularly as we will begin to get recertification applications, we will post ideas on the website. Also, sign up for any of the social networking opportunities where you can post questions and join in the discussions. These are LinkedIn Roundtable and Facebook.

Q: How can I access my transcript?
A: The RPI office will be the place to access your transcript. Please contact the RPI office (phone: 651-290-7490 and email and it will be mailed or faxed to you.

CRP Recertification and Lapsed Policy

Graduates of the Certified Recognition Professionals (CRP) designation must meet education requirements and pay a $150 recertification fee every three years to maintain their CRP title. This policy applies to both RPI members and non-members.

Education requirements

A total of 30 points (10 points per year) in a variety of professional and continuing development areas satisfies the education portion of CRP recertification requirements.

1 credit = 1 hour of participation or 2 credits for 1 year of professional organizational membership

The following activities are examples of how the 30-point requirement can be met.

  • Education (i.e., webinars, podcasts, eLearning class, reading articles)
  • Conference attendance (i.e., HR, engagement, recognition-related)
  • Presenting/facilitating (to employees, clients, organizations, students)
  • Writing (i.e., articles, blogs, proposals, brochures, newsletters)
  • Projects (i.e., event coordination, marketing activities, benchmarking, budgeting, employee surveys)
  • Programs (i.e., planning, design, development, management of a recognition program?)
  • Leadership (mentoring, project team leader, committee chairperson)

If the education and fee requirements are not met, the CRP designation will expire/lapse.
Policies on Expiring CRPs

  • All CRP graduates will receive a 90-day, 30-day, and final notice prior to the month their recertification is due.
  • All CRP graduates will receive a 30-day grace period before moving to a “Cancelled CRP Status”.
  • Once the CRP designation has been cancelled, former CRP graduates will have the option to recertify within the first six months after their recertification date has passed by taking and passing each CRP exam (cost: $100/exam).
  • Expired CRP graduates who fail a CRP exam must take that CRP course and retake the exam for that course (cost: $295/course).
  • After 6 months, expired CRP graduates must retake all courses and re-pass all exams ($100/ exam and $295/course).

Process for Appeals

When extenuating circumstances occur, former CRP holders who, for whatever reason, have not kept their certification current, need to submit a written appeal to the Learning Action Team Chairperson who will review the request with the Board of Directors.

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